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Godaddy’s Recent Geo Coupons

Godaddy has recently started doing “Geo” coupon codes that lock the coupons to certain geographical regions.  This means that not all coupons will work worldwide like they used to.  Sadly, it appears that most of the cheap $0.99 coupons only work in the US and Canada.

It appears that most of the coupons that start with CJC* and others work worldwide, but the GOF* coupons seem to only work in the US/Canada.  WebmasterCoupons has started to post working locations with our Godaddy coupons on our facebook page

The GOF* coupons appear targeted to the North American Godaddy site, and it looks like Godaddy’s Indian site has special coupons as well.  We’re not sure yet why Godaddy is targeting specific regions with their coupons but we’ll post updates as we find out more.


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